Platinum Coat Mist - 1Ltr refill

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Suitable for all hair colours Platinum Coat Mist was created specifically for the unique needs of equine hair by using the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients to bring you the most luxurious professional hair care for your horse.

Formulated with a potent blend of Botanical Extracts including Chamomile & Walnut to restore a natural shine and enhance the appearance of muscle definition.

Designed to be part of your daily grooming routine Platinum Coat Mist nourishes and enriches your horses coat, helping to boost colour and leaving an incredibly silky smooth, glossy finish.

Lightweight and non-greasy. Easily repels dirt and dust.
Added UV protection to help prevent sun fading.



Lightly infused with the heavenly fragrance of Chamomile and Peach.



Professionally formulated to restore moisture and softness to your horses coat while enhancing a natural luminosity. Include Platinum Coat Mist as part of your regular grooming routine for a gorgeous silky coat every day.



For best results ensure Platinum Coat Mist is applied to clean hair. Pair with your favourite Platinum Pony Wash and Crème.



Mist over body and work into coat until product is dry using a clean body brush in the direction of the hair, smoothing down the coat as you go. Finish with a soft polishing mitt if desired.
Perfect for use on dry or damp hair.